Are You Making These Boating Mistakes?

Boating is a wonderful activity to enjoy with friends and family, but it’s important to stay smart while you are out on the water. First, you should choose a high-quality marina for boat storage in Annapolis. Then, check out this video clip to learn about a few common boating mistakes to avoid once you are ready to leave your boat slip.

Wherever you are boating, it’s essential that you know how to stay safe around larger watercraft. For example, if a ship sounds its horn 5 times in a row, it means that you are in danger—remember, large ships cannot change their course quickly to avoid collisions. Another common mistake is forcefully throwing your boat’s anchor over the side—lowering the anchor over the side of the boat is an easier and safer option. Taking your time to learn about boat safety will help to keep you safe and sound both in the marina and in open waters.


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