Tips for Docking at a Marina

If you’re new to boating, one of the most important skills to learn is docking at a marina. Safely entering the boat slip is essential for keeping your boat and the dock in good condition. Once you are ready to get a marina boat slip rental in Annapolis, read over the following tips on docking your boat. Boat - Docks

Check the Water

While boat slips are almost always clear of obstacles, it is possible for a stray object to enter your slip. For example, a mooring line from a neighboring slip may fall into the water and enter your slip. If you enter the slip without removing the line, it could easily become tangled in your propeller. To avoid accidents and boat damage, always give your boat slip a quick inspection before starting the docking process.

Use Power Carefully

Too much or too little power can both result in docking problems. Do not approach the dock at a speed faster than you would be willing to hit it at. Approach the slip slowly, but be sure to take wind into account to ensure that you can successfully dock. Using short bursts of power, rather than continuous power, can help you maneuver your boat into place.

Wait Until You Are Secure

Once you have your boat in the slip, it may be tempting to immediately shut off the engine. However, it is better to wait until you have secured all of your lines. This will allow you to maneuver the boat as needed to successfully dock.

Restart If You Are Unsure

If you think that you may be approaching the boat slip at the wrong angle or with the wrong momentum, stop and start the process over. Do not feel embarrassed about restarting—safely maneuvering your boat into place is essential, and other boaters understand this as well. Simply stop, circle back around to your slip, and make your approach again.


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