How to Prevent Your Boat from Breaking Down

If you’ve ever had to deal with your boat breaking down, then you are familiar with the frustration that this problem can cause. Luckily, regular boat maintenance in Annapolis, MD can help prevent breakdowns so you can enjoy your boat consistently and with fewer stops for boat repairs. Boat in Marina

Check the impeller.

If you notice that the needle on your boat’s temperature gauge is rising, this can indicate that the cooling loop lacks sufficient water flow and is causing the engine to overheat. In many cases, you will find a problem in the raw water intake, or an obstruction such as weeds, trash, or mud. To help prevent this from happening, regularly check the impeller and have it replaced as necessary.

Inspect the wiring.

When your boat doesn’t start, the cause is typically something electrical, such as a poor or loose connection or a disruption in the ignition circuit. To help prevent this problem from occurring, a regular part of your boat maintenance should be inspecting, cleaning, and replacing your boat’s wiring when necessary.

Understand the ignition system.

When you have a grasp of the mechanisms that keep your boat running, you can frequently identify which boat repairs it requires and even take care of them in some cases. Spend some time learning about the placement and function of your boat’s ignition system components so you can periodically inspect and maintain them. Ignition system problems can cause your boat to break down suddenly while you’re out on the water, so prevention is the ideal option.

Check the fluids.

Among the leading causes of transmission failure in boats is too little gear oil or transmission fluid. These problems can cause your boat to remain at idle speed and fail to shift into higher gears. To prevent this problem, regularly top off the oil and change it as indicated for your boat and oil type. Also, carry extra transmission fluid, tie wraps, wire, and epoxy on board to handle quick repairs.


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