Essential Boating Safety Tips

Staying safe on the water takes preparation and the right supplies. Following a few essential boating safety tips can reduce your risk of a boating-related accident or emergency, while also allowing you to keep a cool head if an accident does occur. From stocking your boat with the right safety supplies to practicing good boat maintenance in Annapolis, MD, boating safety can become an easy and integrated part of enjoying every day you spend on your boat. safe - boat

Keep Your Boat in Good Repair

Proper boat maintenance is the key to keeping your boat both appealing and safe. A poorly-maintained boat can significantly raise your risk of a serious boating emergency, while a boat that is in good condition is much less likely to cause an accident or develop a problem. Clean and check your boat regularly to identify areas of damage or disrepair; as soon as you spot an issue, schedule boat repairs and avoid taking your boat out until these repairs have been made. Additionally, make sure you follow proper boat winterization steps each year to reduce the risk of cold- and weather-related damage while your boat is not in use.

Stock Enough Safety Supplies

The right supplies and safety equipment will ensure you can handle any problem or emergency effectively, whether on your own or until help arrives. Your boat should have enough life jackets in the appropriate size for all occupants, as well as fire extinguishers, spare food and water, flashlights, flares, and a radio. Other items you should stock on your boat include a first aid kit, whistles, a compass, and extra batteries for all electronic devices.

Check Your Safety Supplies Regularly

Once you’ve stocked your boat with the necessary safety supplies, it’s also important to check these supplies regularly. Even nonperishable food and water has a “best by” date that should be observed, and medications, fire extinguishers, and smoke detectors require replacement over time as well. It’s also important to check supplies such as lifejackets and life rings to ensure they are clean and undamaged, even if you have never used them.


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