The Best Way to Clean Your Boat

Keeping your boat clean is a great way to maximize the value of this investment. Not only will regular cleaning and maintenance keep your boat looking its best, but it will also ensure that your boat is safe and in good repair while transporting family, friends, and guests. In addition to scheduling boat detailing and boat cleaning services in Annapolis, MD, there are several steps you can take to maintain your boat between professional cleanings. clean - boat

Use the Right Products

The cleaning products you use will play an important part in the time it takes to clean your boat, as well as the efficacy of your boat cleaning efforts. Choosing the right products to clean your boat will allow you to spend less time and effort cleaning while enjoying a beautiful and long-lasting result. Opt for brushes or sponges that are tough enough to remove grit and salt, but gentle enough to protect the finish on your hull and interior. Cleaning products that are both effective and eco-friendly can help to reduce runoff that can affect the water quality or wildlife in your favorite boating locations without compromising on cleaning power.

Pay Attention to Carpet and Fabrics

Carpeting and fabrics are often overlooked in boat cleaning efforts because they sit underfoot or belowdecks. Marine fabrics are designed to repel mold and odors, but still need regular attention when cleaning to ensure they look their best. Keeping your carpeting, upholstery, and other fabric features clean will ensure that your boat truly shines, providing a comfortable and healthy experience every time you board. You can use a power washer set on low or even a garden hose to thoroughly soak boat deck carpeting, then use a wet/dry vacuum to remove excess water and finish with a conventional vacuum when the carpet is completely dry. A handheld upholstery or carpet cleaning machine can be helpful for seats, cushions, and tough-to-clean stains on carpeting.


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