Comparing a Boat Slip with Dry Docking

If you’re planning to boat in the Chesapeake Bay area this season, you may be struggling to decide whether you should dry dock your boat or rent a boat slip in Annapolis. Using a boat slip or dry docking both offer benefits for boat owners. Keep reading to compare these options. dry - docking

Boat Slip Pros

When you choose to store your boat in a slip, your boat is left in the water, and you can save a significant amount of time and hassle when you want to take your boat out. Keeping your boat in the water avoids the strain on the hull that can be caused by dry docking. Additionally, you’ll benefit from being able to converse with and get to know your slip neighbors, and meet other boaters more easily.

Boat Slip Cons

Whether left in fresh or saltwater, algae, mussels, and crustaceans can accumulate on the boat’s hull over the months. Some boat owners opt to have their boat’s hull acid washed at the end of the boating season, and this requires additional cost. While uncommon, hull blisters and delamination can occur on vessels that remain in the water for too long.

Dry Docking Pros

Dry docking is typically used to perform repairs and maintenance on boats but is also a method of storage. It’s common for dry docking to be used once every year or so to conduct maintenance on parts or systems that can’t be accessed while the boat is in the water. Because it will be out of the water, your boat may suffer less damage due to wear, moisture, and sun, and you won’t have to provide it with added protection during snowy or freezing weather.

Dry Docking Cons

If you opt to dry dock, you’ll be spending more time getting your boat in and out of the water when you want to take it out. Additionally, boats over 35 feet in length may be too heavy to be lifted for the dry docking procedure in many marinas, and the nature of dry docking can put strain on the hull of vessels of this size or larger.


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