Tips for Choosing a Marina

For boaters, where you decide to put your boat can be as important as where you go on it. After all, a marina is more than just some place to stash your boat when it is not in use. It can have a very large impact on how much you enjoy your boat and how convenient it is to get out on the water. There are many marinas on the Chesapeake Bay, so here are some things to keep in mind when finding one that is right for you.

Consider the Rates

Marina rates can range widely, even within the same area. Check prices for the kind of marina slip you need to find the best deal for you. Keep in mind that you are not simply looking for the lowest price. Instead, you are looking for value for money. It’s worth paying more for a marina rental that has the amenities and features you want and that will keep your boat safe. Put boat slip prices in the context of the overall features of the marina to determine which option is offering you the best value.

Prioritize Safety

The marina you choose should be safe for both you and your boat. Look for things like gated security and strict fire prevention policies. You should also consider how safe your boat is from the elements and learn about the marina’s policies for inclement weather. The amount of traffic at the marina is also a concern, as heavily trafficked areas have an increased risk of boat collision.

Explore the Amenities

When you find the right price and level of safety you want at different locations, the marina amenities can be the deciding factor. Some boaters aren’t concerned with extensive amenities, while others want a marina with resort-like facilities, including on-site restaurants and shops. An important amenity to consider is on-site maintenance services. The ability to have your boat serviced at your chosen marina can be invaluable and gives you great convenience as you enjoy your boat.

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