A Guide to Sailing the Severn

Cruisers who are interested in slips, marinas, boat detailing, or Chesapeake Bay dockage in Annapolis are often excited to see what the Severn has to offer. The beautiful seaport of Annapolis sits at the mouth of this scenic river in Anne Arundel Country, Maryland. sailing - boat

The Severn River

The Severn River’s structure is straight and runs for about 14 miles northwest from Annapolis, featuring many tributaries that lead to bays and wetlands. Part of the Severn’s charm is that it is a fun cruise that won’t take up too much of your time and depending on the season and the route you select, each trip along this river can be pleasantly different. Riddled with stunning plant and aquatic life, its many marshy areas provide the perfect environment for bird and wildlife watching.

Spring Cove

Once you pass the waterway’s second bridge, you’ll reach the first of the Severn’s upriver tributaries, Spring Cove. Located on the starboard shore, this gem is shielded by a long, rocky jetty that reaches out from the land. The cove’s depth is about 14 feet and after navigating within, you’ll see a few homes sheltered by the trees and a sprinkling of boats.

Hopkin’s Creek

A frequent favorite point of Anchorage along the Severn, Hopkin’s Creek gets you out of the wind as it guides you inside the lee of the land. This small, lovely creek that is all but closed off by a sandbar at the channel’s mouth. After navigating through a long tunnel of trees and cliffs, well under a mile in length, you’ll reach the small marsh that sits at the end of Hopkin’s Creek.

Maynadier Creek

Sister waterway to Hopkin’s Creek, Maynadier makes a great destination on warmer days. Maynadier splits off from Hopkin’s just inside her entrance, and leads behind Mathiers Point. This creek curls and leads to a splendid little bay about 10 feet deep that receives a pleasant breeze in the summer, making it a delightful destination that mitigates the heat and helps repel bugs.


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