Tips for Maintaining Your Boat

No matter the size or type of boat that you own, it requires regular upkeep to maintain its good condition. If you are wondering how to perform proper boat maintenance in Annapolis, here are a few tips to help you keep your vessel in good shape during the boating season: boat - maintenance

Clean the boat.

Washing your boat is one of the best things you can do to keep its exterior in good condition. Each time you take the vessel out of the water, giving it a simple cleaning can prevent a host of issues and is essential for boat maintenance. If you boat in saltwater, be sure to thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water after each use. When left on your boat, the salt residue can corrode any metal parts and hardware, and can even damage the gel coating. Use a soft-bristled boat brush and marine boat wash to clean your boat each time you take it out of the water.

Check the propeller.

As part of your boat maintenance throughout the season, remove the propeller and ensure that debris hasn’t gotten tangled around the propeller shaft. If you do find that fishing line or other items have become wrapped up inside, have the boat checked for damage by a professional. With the propeller off, also look for any dents and damage it may have received. Even small bends or nicks can reduce your boat’s performance or put added strain on its bearings and seals. Before replacing the propeller’s parts, put a decent amount of waterproof grease on the propeller shaft to prevent corrosion.

Change the oil.

Much like your car, your boat needs consistent oil changes. While the precise factors can vary depending on your location and type of vessel, the average boat will need its oil changed about once per year or once for every 100 hours of use. You will need to replace the oil yourself or take it to your local boat maintenance facility.


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