A Look at Boating Etiquette

Whether you are a beginning boater or you’ve been sailing for many years, it is essential to practice proper boating etiquette. From the time you arrive at a marina in Annapolis to when you disembark at the end of the day, your fellow boaters will appreciate your attention to good etiquette. Watch this video to learn more.

Be polite on a boat, whether you are on your own or someone else’s. Check the weather before you head out, as there may not be enough gear on board for everyone to wear. Be sure to wear white-soled shoes, as shoes with darker soles can mark up the boat’s deck. Wear something that is comfortable but presentable, and offer to help if you are not on your own boat. When you arrive back at the marina boat slip, you can rest assured that your good etiquette contributed to a great day on the water.


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