The New Boater's Guide to Dockage Services

Have you recently gotten started in the world of boating? If you have taken the plunge and purchased a boat of your own, you may have a lot of skills you need to learn. In addition to knowing how to safely operate your boat, you’ll have to choose a spot for boat dockage in Annapolis. You can look for a marina that offers more than just a place for your boat to rest where it’s not in use, such as maintenance, cleaning, and winterization. This allows you to spend more time on the water and less time fussing with complicated mechanicals or arduous cleaning tasks. Keep reading to find out more about the dockage services available to you at a Chesapeake Bay marina. dockage - services


When you dock your boat at a marina, you’ll get more than just a place to store your boat. If your boat is in need of repairs, whether they be big or small, you can get them taken care of right there. There’s no need to take your boat to a second location to have the repairs performed, whether you’re having electrical problems, engine trouble, or mechanical issues. While your boat is in dockage, you can also have it winterized or de-winterized, depending on the season. This lets you feel at ease knowing that your boat will be safe, protected, and ready for the next boating season.

Yacht Butler

Boating is supposed to be a fun hobby, so why not leave the dirty work to the experts? Take advantage of a yacht butler when you are getting ready to spend a day on the water. Your yacht butler will make sure your boat is clean and ready to go, taking care of everything from cleaning the top sides to topping off your tanks. If you are looking for things to do or places to explore, your yacht butler can assist with hotel and restaurant recommendations, as well as finding other places in the area where you can moor your boat.


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