Hurricane Season Tips

While Maryland doesn’t tend to get hit by hurricanes as much as they do in the south, it is still at risk for damage caused by high winds and flooding from hurricanes and, more typically, the tropical storms that follow them. In order to make sure members of the Trident Marine Group are always as informed and safe as possible, we’ve created a helpful list of how to prepare for hurricane season.

Create a detailed evacuation plan including the removal of all detachable items. Become familiar with your marina and speak with your marina manager so there are no questions or confusion when the time comes to tie up or pull your boat from the water.

Practice boat evacuation drills frequently to help prevent panic in case of unexpected severe weather or other emergency. With global weather tracking, you generally have 12 to 24 hours of advance warning, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keep essential boating documents along with photos of your vessel, equipment inventory, and contact phone numbers in a secure location on dry land.

Stay connected and updated via NOAA Weather Radio, local media outlets, and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s live Osprey Emergency Management Map.

Shut off the boat’s electrical system and fuel lines. Remove any detachable, moveable equipment off the vessel and lash down anything that can’t be removed. Wrap protective covering over all lines at rough points or where lines feed through chocks. Seal off all windows, doors, and hatches. Cover engine room vents and plug the stern’s exhaust pipes.

For a vessel in an anchorage, make sure it is securely anchored with at least 2 anchors with the bow positioned in the direction of the prevailing winds. The anchor lines should be 10 times the water depth at the mooring location. Double up on dock lines.

For a vessel on dry land, lash the vessel to its storage cradle or trailer (never a davit or hydraulic lift) with several heavy lines. If on a trailer, place blocks around the wheels. Consider pumping water into the bilge to hold the vessel down more securely.

Contact Maryland Department of the Environment’s Emergency Response Team to report any oil or chemical spills on land or in the water by calling 866-633-4686.


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