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How to Look Like a Pro at the Boat Ramp

When you are gearing up to dock your boat at the marina, you will want to make sure that you are prepared to load and unload your boat at the ramp. In this video, you can take a quick look at some ...
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Are You Making These Boating Mistakes?

Boating is a wonderful activity to enjoy with friends and family, but it’s important to stay smart while you are out on the water. First, you should choose a high-quality marina for boat storage ...
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Spotlight on Transient Boat Slip Rentals

Boat slip rentals allow you to conveniently and safely store your boat throughout the boating season. Annual slip rentals and seasonal slip rentals are great options if you live near the marina, but ...
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Tips for Docking at a Marina

If you’re new to boating, one of the most important skills to learn is docking at a marina. Safely entering the boat slip is essential for keeping your boat and the dock in good condition. Once ...
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Signs that Your Boat Needs Engine Repairs

Boating is a fun hobby that you can do with your family and friends, or on your own when you need a little solitude. Safety is paramount when it comes to boating, so make sure you know what you are ...
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A Look at Boating Etiquette

Whether you are a beginning boater or you’ve been sailing for many years, it is essential to practice proper boating etiquette. From the time you arrive at a marina in Annapolis to when you ...
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What Are the Benefits of Renting an Annual Boat Slip?

Owning a boat can bring you happiness and relaxation, but there are still certain responsibilities that come with boat ownership. Finding a reputable boat slip rental company in Annapolis can give you ...
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What to Look for in a Marina

Choosing the right place for dockage is an important part of boat ownership. If you’re searching for the perfect marina in Annapolis, MD, then look for the following qualities as you consider ...
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Summer Boating Excursions in the Chesapeake Bay

Maryland is lucky to have a unique and beautiful waterway called the Chesapeake Bay. This giant estuary extends 200 miles from the northern end in Maryland to its Atlantic Ocean outlet near Eastern ...
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When to Prepare Your Boat for Winter

During the summer, you might find yourself out on the water almost every day. The Severn River offers numerous opportunities for water sports enthusiasts during the warm months, but things tend to ...
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The Best Way to Clean Your Boat

Keeping your boat clean is a great way to maximize the value of this investment. Not only will regular cleaning and maintenance keep your boat looking its best, but it will also ensure that your boat ...
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Your Guide to Basic Boating Knots

If you spend enough time at your Annapolis marina, you’ll see that knots are everywhere. Knots are a useful tool that all boaters should know how to use, whether you need to secure your craft in ...
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Essential Boating Safety Tips

Staying safe on the water takes preparation and the right supplies. Following a few essential boating safety tips can reduce your risk of a boating-related accident or emergency, while also allowing ...
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How to Tie Up Your Boat

When renting boat dockage from a boat slip rental company in Annapolis, MD, you can benefit from learning the best ways to secure your vessel in the boat slip. Watch this video to learn one method of ...
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Store Your Boat Temporarily at Chesapeake Harbour Marina

Are you looking for the perfect place to dock as you travel through the Chesapeake Bay area this season? Chesapeake Harbour Marina offers seasonal marina boat slips for rent in Annapolis. Located only ...
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Comparing a Boat Slip with Dry Docking

If you’re planning to boat in the Chesapeake Bay area this season, you may be struggling to decide whether you should dry dock your boat or rent a boat slip in Annapolis. Using a boat slip or ...
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A Look at Our Boat Slip Options

Are you looking for boat slips for rent in Annapolis? If so, Chesapeake Harbour Marina has several boat slip options to choose from. Consider an annual boat slip lease if you’re interested in a ...
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Boat Marina Safety Advice

If you’re looking for a full service marina in Annapolis, it’s important to keep a few safety tips in mind when using the marina. Waterfront communities make use of local marinas to begin ...
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Explore the Amenities of Chesapeake Harbour Marina

Chesapeake Harbour Marina in Annapolis is more than your standard marina. When you dock your boat with us, you get access to amenities other slip marinas can’t offer, all in a central location ...
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Tips for Choosing a Marina

For boaters, where you decide to put your boat can be as important as where you go on it. After all, a marina is more than just some place to stash your boat when it is not in use. It can have a very ...
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How to Pull into a Boat Slip

Pulling into a marina boat slip can be intimidating for even experienced boaters, but you don’t have to get nervous at your Chesapeake Bay marina when it’s time to slide your boat into ...
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How to Prevent Your Boat from Breaking Down

If you’ve ever had to deal with your boat breaking down, then you are familiar with the frustration that this problem can cause. Luckily, regular boat maintenance in Annapolis, MD can help ...
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